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Residential Institutes Laundry

One of the major challenges faced by the managements in a residential school / college is about availing clean & hygienic laundry services for their inmates.

Kids are more prone to infections and tend get allergenic faster compared to adults. A single incident of mass infecting in a school can alter the painstakingly build up reputation. Perhaps, apart from the education and food, laundry must be one major area where the parents look. prior to selecting an institution for their wards.

Even today's modern times, several organizations depend on manual wash services rendered by traditional washer man. When there is nothing wrong in this, the source of water bodies are a major concern. Un-hygienic surroundings, harsh and often toxic chemicals, use of high powered chlorine bleach for bleaching white fabrics, polluted and contaminated water sources, colour fading due to sun-drying, mixing up of cloths, delayed and un-predictable delivery schedules due to adverse weather conditions, damp / wet cloth that can be a perfect ground for bacterial / fungus growth etc are some of the common issues associated with residential educational laundry.

Most cases the management hesitates to install a modern laundry for few reasons like the capital investment and lack of technical know- how about running a professional laundry and fear of managing a skilled team. Self operated or even coin / card operated models are also not necessarily solving the issue because it only increase the wastage of valuable time and added energy wastage.

The answer to this is to have a professional agency who can partner with you in offering un matched service, effectively at the same time on a reasonable rates.

Blue ray Offer the same. Whatever your strength, whether 500 or 5000 inmates, please get in touch with us for ay installing state-of-the art Laundromat within the premises. This will helps the management to concentrate in the core business by leaving us to offer a seamless service that the institution can be proud of.