Blue Ray on site laundry service hyderabad



Most infrastructure companies face acute problem when it comes to availing good laundry services at remote locations. This is especially true in the case of companies engaged in construction of railways tracks, Irrigational canals, and roads etc, which keeps on moving as the project progress. Blue ray offer a truly unique service model where the entire laundry is transferable and capable of operating on-its own. The facility includes self-contained power & water sources, man power with accommodation, and storage facilities.


On-Site Laundry

.Suitable for large scale project sites. The usual garments such as the workers wear, overalls, the staff & management dress and related fabrics including the house-linen need to be washed in a hygienic unit that can be right in the project site itself. Professionally trained team handles everything for you - right from collection, processing till delivery.

All you need to enjoy the freshly laundered linen day to day. As the saying goes - " A better looking team radiates confidence and also perform better."