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Proper in house Laundry service is one of the most vital part for implementing the Clean Room Concept in a most of the Industry. Clean rooms in a Pharmaceutical Industry / Bio-Tech / Laboratory are divided into different classes & standards, so the laundry process also should be set accordingly. Typically there are four different grades of processing done depending the area where the laundered linen is used. The laundry process is planned in such a way that transfer of microorganisms / contamination through mixing up of the linen is controlled / minimized to the permissible levels. In several cases the laundry itself will become the point of introduction, generation, and retention of microbes. While designing & operating the laundry all the above must be kept in mind to get the best possible result so that the reputation of the products and the manufacturer is safeguarded.

Planning and setting up a laundry in a Pharma should be based on the type of conditions required under the internationally accepted practices and guidelines.

Blue Ray is well versed with the basics and capable of offering the best possible quality service strictly adhering to the Terms & Standard Operational Procedures of the host organization. We ensure the well trained staff is acquainted with all related aspects so that we can offer the best washing solution based on the need of the firm.

Trust us to offer you a complete solution in this regard. In fact we are one the first group to have offered cutting edge solutions such as clean room facilities equipped with Barrier Washer Systems etc.

We look forward to serving your organization too. All you need to do is getting in touch with us.