Blue Ray factory laundry services hyderabad


Corporate / Factory Laundry

Till recently an in-house-laundry was seldom figured in the list of facilities provided by the Corporate World / Companies. Not anymore. Radical changes in the market scenario are forcing companies to quickly adapt to the changing times.

Employee presentation and 'look' is considered to be paramount importance today. The once tardy uniform is making way for industry specified, wearer friendly garments that are designed keeping the uniqueness of the particular business house. Today's employees wear / uniform are a direct reflection of the particular business group's on culture and bound to show-case it and are planned with the group interest in the forefront.

All this is making the laundry an integral part of the business houses. The uniform is being issued to employees and maintained by them is no more possible. Demand for better Quality, and hygiene make it necessary to have an in-house facility. This in-turn making it necessary to have a right type of service provider that will not only offer the best possible quality, but also cost effective.

We at Blue Ray fit the plan perfectly. Not only we relive the management in costly investment in the machines but also offer tailor-made washing solutions based on actual requirement.

The result will be multiple. Better employee morale, less investment in the form of reduced linen inventory and longer linen life - just mention few.